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Mission Valley Spas is a Premium BullFrog Hot Tub Dealer in Orange County!

Mission Valley Spas began in the Saddleback Valley in 1994.

Our company offers a complete selection of first-rate BullFrog portable spas and hot tubs in sizes, layouts, color combinations and styles to satisfy even the most fastidious client! Whether it’s our top of the line premium luxury hot tubs with distinguished custom options and features, the highly designed and modern STIL series, the quality R SERIES or our comfort focused X SERIES, you’ll find hot tubs and spas for every lifestyle and budget at our company.

Elegantly modern, STIL represents a new concept in complete wellness and modern hot tub design. Each massage is bio-engineered to specifically address your personalized therapy while every detail appeals to your refined sensibilities. No other spas on the market can compare to STIL models.

The R Series is a collection of top quality hot tubs by Bullfrog Spas. Built to the same exacting standards of our premium spas, the R Series allows you to create a customized spa experience packed with value. Each R Series spa model features the JetPak Therapy System with JetPaks in several seat locations for a top quality hot tub experience.

The JetPak Therapy System is a revolutionary way to ensure that your spa experience is personalized just for you. Each JetPak is designed to provide a unique massage with unique wellness benefits. You can design your spa specifically for your personal needs and preferences, and because JetPaks are interchangeable, you can upgrade JetPaks or move them to different locations within the spa at any time.

So enjoy an excellent variety of BullFrog hot tubs and inground spas to fit your space and budget, enrich the style and maximize pleasure at your own home!

Choose the right factory trained specialists for your hot tub installation.

Since buying a hot tub is a big decision, choose your hot tub retailer and installer wisely.
Experience the difference with Mission Valley Spas factory trained staff:


Mission Valley Spas is a full service spa and pool company. We can fulfill all of your needs – from installation to constant service and maintenance of your product.

We continue to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients due to our 20 years of experience in delivering the top quality products. We are well-informed in our field and care about each one of our customers. Our goal is your great enjoyment from water while we provide unique quality and service of outdoor BullFrog Hot Tubs and Inground Spas.

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See how a hot tub can help you feel your best, offering physical and emotional benefits that you can enjoy every day. In addition to providing stress-relief and relaxation, discover how a hot tub helps you enjoy time outside with loved ones.


At Mission Valley Spas we do not only install the best-quality Jacuzzi, pools and spas, but we also repair and maintain them. Our installations are affordable and the end result is an elegant and luxurious Jacuzzi or swim spa.


Taking the first step toward owning a hot tub is easier than you think. Your choice will be determined by four factors – your own preferences, the available space at home, your needs and your budget. Please call us now for more information on our deals! (949) 242-0821


There are many reasons people buy a hot tub – massage, pain relief, entertainment – but often times, our customers’ experiences are even better than they had imagined. The real benefits of taking a daily dip in your Hot Spring spa might surprise you too.

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