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Buying A Jacuzzi Or Sauna? Consider Some Important Things First


Make the right decision and get a sauna of your dreams!

A sauna can serve as a wonderful, healthy and soothing addition to your home – a place where you empty your mind from endless thoughts, relax your body muscles and refresh the spirit.

The word sauna is an ancient Finnish word relating to the traditional Finnish bath and the bathhouse itself. The sauna popularity began to spread around the world in 1950s but in many countries there were already similar places for mental and physical relaxation before the 20th century. Among those are the Native American sweat lodge and the Asian bathhouse.

At Mission Valley Spas we realize how important it is to make the right decision concerning the purchase of a jacuzzi/sauna. You should consider all the pros and cons when buying it. The sauna should be a wise investment of your finances, adding not only luxury but also value to your home.

  • First of all, before purchasing a sauna, determine the location where you’ll install it at your home. It could be located outdoors on the patio or in the garden as well as indoors – in a spare room or master bath. Such factors as electrical hookup and close access to showers will also influence your sauna location.
  • The sauna heater will also influence your choice. You can select among wood-fired, gas, electric or infrared saunas. Wood-fired stoves are mainly installed in outdoor saunas, gas heaters are very energy-efficient and suitable for homeowners who already have gas lines installed. However, gas heaters require a professional to hook them up. Electric sauna heaters can be installed anywhere, thus they are the most popular choice. Infrared heaters are even more flexible in terms of sauna location, but they neither use hot rocks nor produce steam. Although infrared saunas are becoming more and more popular for home use. They are cheap to run and need only 10 minutes to reach their operating temperature in comparison with the 30-60 minutes of a traditional sauna.
  • Take into consideration general electrical requirements. Smaller sauna heaters can use a 120V outlet, but for a sauna that’s a large autonomous unit, you’ll require a 240V power source together with a hard wired breaker in the electrical panel, which involves electrician charges that need to be added to the purchase price.
  • Size is another thing to consider. There are sauna units suitable for one person as well as family units for up to 6 members. Think about who will use the sauna and act accordingly.
  • Lighting, entertainment and other conveniences. If you want to read or listen to music while in the sauna, inside lights and sound systems are also important. Consider your personal preferences and choose the right sauna for your home.

Even if the sauna purchase seems overwhelming at first, consult our specialists at Mission Valley Spas and they will help you determine which jacuzzi/sauna models and features will best suit your home.

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