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Jacuzzi Maintenance & Cleaning Tips


Enjoy your spa for many years

A Jacuzzi is a luxury you add to your home and naturally enjoy. It provides a great place to relax and indulge yourself. In order to experience all benefits of your Jacuzzi tub, it is essential that Jacuzzi maintenance is not overlooked.

Systematic Jacuzzi maintenance ensures that the Jacuzzi is prepared for use at all times, as well as guarantees its cleanness and hygiene. Jacuzzi maintenance also includes monitoring of the chemical levels on a regular basis.

The following tips will assist you in keeping your Jacuzzi up and running:
1. Empty and clean your Jacuzzi every 90 days (cleaning of tub surfaces and the filter)
2. Use test strips every week
3. Add chemicals depending on the test strip result
4. Test the PH levels of the Jacuzzi
5. Use a cover to put over the Jacuzzi when it is not in use.

A sanitizer such as Chlorine or Bromine helps chlorinate water in the Jacuzzi. This simple procedure prevents algae growing in the Jacuzzi. Also add the PH increaser or decreaser to the water and turn the pump on to let the chemicals circulate in it.

Remember that whenever you use the Jacuzzi tub, scum, skin cells, oils and other deposits multiply not only on the exterior of the tub, but also on the mechanical parts that water touches. Clean surfaces that at first let bacteria slide off, now collect the bacteria creating a place for them to grow and contaminate water in the Jacuzzi. Warm and dark plumbing inside the Jacuzzi provides a perfect ground for microorganisms to reproduce, that might cause all kinds of infections in the future. Do not neglect the maintenance of your Jacuzzi and it will serve you for many years to come!