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How It Works

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Introducing JelSleep™ technology – Revolutionizing the way we sleep!

We are proud to introduce you to the newly released Jacuzzi® bedding collection. The Jacuzzi™ Bed Collection features JelSleep™ technology, the main ingredient in their new comfort layer. JelSleep adjusts to different body shapes and body temperatures simultaneously, creating an ideal sleep environment. Jacuzzi™ beds are available in four support options: engineered foam, individually wrapped coil, latex or an adjustable air core that allows owners to adjust firmness in the head, lumbar and foot sections of the sleep surface. Research shows that temperature plays a major role in sleep comfort. During sleep, the body naturally tries to cool down its core temperature. JelSleep technology assists in this temperature reduction by drawing heat away, causing the heat to dissipate throughout the body. In contrast, regular mattresses can cause excess body heat and minimize comfort during sleep.

The unique JelSleep™ material stretches in all directions allowing it to conform to the body without causing it to sink, for optimum body support and proper spinal alignment. In addition, JelSleep™ distributes weight evenly, relieving pressure and reducing the body’s need to reposition itself. Sleepers now have the opportunity to wake up free of aches and pains. JelSleep™ also responds to weight shifts immediately, allowing both sleepers to change positions without disturbing his or her partner. By eliminating body movement, all sleepers are more likely to enter and maintain deep, restorative sleep.