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Mission Valley Spas is a full service spa and Hot Tub company. We can fulfill all of your needs – from installation to service to maintenance of your Hot Tub. Our supply department can perform water quality testing, as well as, work with you to develop the easiest DIY maintenance ever.

We continue to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients due to our 20 years of experience in delivering the top quality products. We are well-informed in our field and care about each one of our customers. Our goal is your great enjoyment from water while we provide unique quality and service of outdoor Bullfrog Spas Hot Tubs and our Vaulted Spas.

Choose the right factory trained specialists for your hot tub installation.

Since buying a hot tub is a big decision, choose your hot tub retailer and installer wisely.
Experience the difference with Mission Valley Spas factory trained staff:

  • We can provide all the information you need on electrical requirements, spa locations, installation and more.
  • This service is completely free of charge and without obligation.
  • Our goal is to give you the information that you need to make an educated decision on which hot tub is right for your lifestyle and budget.
  • We also carry world’s only Outdoor Waterproof Television by SunBrite.
  • We also specialize in landscape and project design. MV Spas has won numerous awards for design, service and customer satisfaction. Chosen by The Orange County Register readers as ‘Best Of’ in their Hot Tub Retailer category and winner of the prestigious OC Hotlist Award for excellence in home goods retailing.

We found Mission Valley Spas at one of our local Costco stores. My wife and I were immediately intrigued by the aesthetics and beauty of these units. We were greeted by Deren who was very courteous and professional while at Costco. Deren was thorough in explaining how their Bullfrog spas were superior and stood out from the competition. After months of researching "jacuzzis" and other spas, we were convinced and so happy to have found Mission Valley. Deren scheduled the wet test at their showroom in Lake Forest. I was amazed by the quality and technology!! Those interchangeable JetPacks are AWESOME. You can customize your Bullfrog in so many ways. We also met Alan who was wonderful and informative, and we made the deal!! Deren walked us through the process. Alan later came to our home to make sure that the spa would fit upon delivery, and recommended their electrician Rick. Rick was a pleasure, and made the necessary connections prior to install. Within a few weeks, we had our Bullfrog!! Taylor had scheduled the delivery date, and showed up on time as promised. Taylor also offered a maintenance plan moving forward. What a great team!! AWESOME Experience... we LOVE our BULLFROG!!!! Thanks Alan, Deren, Rick, Taylor and Mission Valley Spas.

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Eddie F

I called Mission to get some help with my spa chemicals and Mike was so helpful. He talked to me for a long time and never pressured me to go with a specific thing or purchase anything. Later I went into the store and he spent even more time explaining different chemistries. He has so much experience and I really learned a lot. Thanks!

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Barbara T

Just spoke to Tayler (service expert) who told me which underwater valve to turn 90 degrees over the phone to get power flow to upper right corner of my Jacuzzi brand spa. Awesome! Jacuzzi themselves kept telling me the lines were clogged or kinked and that because of my spa being vaulted, they could not service the spa. I was living with the low pressure until I called Tayler - he called me back and diagnosed and serviced my issue over the phone. Great service from Tayler! Thanks!

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Andre N

We highly recommend Mission Valley Spas. Just Henry continuously helped us out. We could call him anytime and he would answer our questions. These guys are great! Got a good price and great service!

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Spring J

My experience at Mission Spa was fantastic. Working with Iris and having her follow up with me was great . Rachel was a God send because she understood my urgency to have the spa delivered by a certain date and she went out of her way to make it happen . Rachel you are awesome and they are very lucky to have you . Taylor was awesome too he delivers my spa and set it up in just the right place , he even made it look easy but I know it was hard work. RICK the Electician was good too he got my spa connected and working within 30 min. I got to use my STILL spa today for the first time and I highly recommend this to whoever needs Theropy and relaxation after a tough day . Thank you all at Mission Spa for making my buying experience a good one .

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Mary K

I bought my first spa here over 18 years ago. We're in the market for a new spa and decided to look here again. I learned that Allen still owed the place too. Really friendly guy. The staff that works here is really friendly too and knows what they are talking about. What I really enjoy is that extra step they do. Allowing you to do a wet test of the spa you are considering, making sure it is what you want to buy. You wouldn't but a car without test driving it, so why not test soak in the spa you want too?

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Matt Ricketts

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