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Spas & Hot Tubs

Question: What is The Difference between a Spa, Hot Tub?

There are countless companies offering countless types of hot tubs or spas and calling them different things as well. To a person new to this product and just looking for the best relaxation option, it can all seem a little overwhelming and confusing. We want to help clarify.

The first thing to understand is that the terms spa and hot tub are generally used interchangeably. They mean the same thing and can each have different modifiers like “portable,” in-ground,” “custom,” etc. used to further define them.

Hot tubs or spas differ from conventional bath tubs and even more full-featured jetted bathtubs in that they maintain hot water at a constant and therapeutic temperature. This makes them convenient to use at any time without having to waiting for the water to heat . Because they are most often larger than bath tubs, hot tubs are also used more often as places to gather socially.

So, whether it’s in-ground, free standing and portable, or creatively built into your landscape each person and each home can benefit from a hot tub in some way. But, it’s important to decide which type of spa or hot tub is right for you.

There are essentially two major categories of hot tubs or spas: in-ground or custom spas or portable spas. 

Question: What options can I add to my spa?

Answer: Both in-ground and portable spas are available in a diversity of shapes and sizes. Contoured seating and some feature lounger sections are presented in many items. Look at and even try different models before deciding which interior pattern you would enjoy most.

You can add light to a spa of any kind. Lights go together with a variety of colored lenses that shade the water with the color matching your moods. Make sure you get the light before the spa is transported to your home.

Some spa models are supplied with an electronic digital touch sensitive control pad attached to the inside surface of the spa. It gives you an easy access to all the functions of the tub and looks high-tech.

You may also choose where exactly the jets are located in the spa (in-ground, as well as some portables). The number of jets and their color are also your decisions to make. Adjustable and non-adjustable jets affect the direction of the water flow through them and it’s up to you which one of them to prefer.

Ozonators are added to the spa as well. They automatically infuse sanitizer into the spa water in the type of ozone gas, making the tub easier to clean.

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