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At Mission Valley Spas we also offer inground spa installations.

Different from concrete (Gunite) spas, our spa shells are approved for inground installations and are made out of acrylic. Once installed they look exactly like any custom spa that you may have admired at premium hotels or high end homes, however acrylic spas have some very distinct advantages. An acrylic spa is designed with soft rounded seats and has multiple therapy jets for each person.

These spas can have up to 50 therapy jets while current gunite spas rarely offer more than 6. These jets are specifically designed to deliver superior therapy. They range from pressure jets that massage your neck to circulation stimulators for blood flow and massaging jets for your tired muscles. The days of sitting on a concrete bus bench with a fire hose at your back are over.

Another advantage of the acrylic spa is that its surface does not require maintenance. Concrete surfaces are porous need periodic acid washes and in time need to be re-plastered. And if these advantages aren’t enough, consider the fact that acrylic spas are easier and faster to install – saving you time and money!

We offer an excellent variety of BullFrog Spas sizes, colors and surfaces to fit your space and budget while enriching the style of your home.

Do you have an acrylic inground spa now that you’d like to remodel or update? Please let us know as we specialize in these services as well.

The finish options are infinite; waterfalls, rockscapes, fiber-optic lighting, remote controls and salt sanitation systems. Whether you want a breathtaking showpiece, or a quiet retreat, our inground spas are tailor-made to fit your needs.

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