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Harness The Power Of A River In Your Own Swimming Pool!

Experience the fun and excitement that comes along with owning a Swim Spa System. The Swim Spas produces the ideal current for swimming and aquatic exercise. The Swim Spas system generates a broad smooth river-like current challenging all levels of swimmers to an unparalled aquatic experience. The SwimSpas can also be equipped with exercise equipment for muscle toning and resistance training.

If you are looking for pure spa experience, check out BullFrog Hot Tubs collection.

Advantages of Swim Spa and a Pool in One Package!

Swim Spas absolutely blend the advantages of a pool and a spa and offers excellent hydrotherapy and underwater fitness presented on the market today. Swim Spas provide an environment that allows a person to relax comfortably as well as work out vigorously, or warm up in the cold winter months and refresh on hot summer days. It is a place both for pleasant family times and for personal swimming training and entertainment. About an hour of physical activity three days a week enables you to decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke. If you swim regularly, it also helps you to reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol.

You can have a good time swimming or exercising any time throughout the year in the comfort of your own home all due to Swim Spa regular equipment and simple operation. Our Swim Spas are constructed according to high standards to guarantee you get a quality product at a reasonable price. A Catalina SwimSpa can be set up as a full inground, a partial in ground or an above ground installation.

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12.6 Newporter

Pumps: Two 5-HP Pumps
Dimensions: 90" x 151" x 42"

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