Custom Cedar Hot Tubs & Outdoor Barrel Spas

An outdoor barrel hot tubs provides bathing in steam and hot water with jets and is enormously enjoyable for people who love the use of saunas. However, sauna bathing is a luxury in itself and expensive due to fuel costs unless you go to the gym, spa or some hotel’s facility. In this case Outdoor Barrel Spas would be a better choice in terms of expenses and convenience.

The outdoor barrel hot tubs is usually built of wood and must be covered with bitumen on top to withstand changing weather such as snow, storm and rain. Also safety must be number one priority in this kind of hot tub, providing a safe environment to relax for your family and friends. Some outdoor barrel hot tubs are equipped with a self-timer to automatically stop heating after a required period of time to ensure that the heat and steams are not too much and won’t cause accidental suffocation.

At Mission Valley Spas we offer our customers outdoor barrel hot tub which is not only a pleasurable item but also the one that provides significant health benefits.

Cedar hot tubs are sold worldwide and available in multiple online plumbing stores. Cedar hot tubs are usually more expensive than their acrylic or stainless counterparts due to the exclusive use of cedar wood in their construction. When used in houses, they create a beautiful and aesthetic impression especially if equipped with the right accessories and background.

Cedar hot tubs are also used in big hotels, saunas and spas, especially outside to create luxury wooden hot tub experience. They might be of different sizes. The large and square-shaped tubs are installed at spas and hotels because of their extensive use. They provide comfort and warmth, adequately withstanding both heat and water.

At Mission Valley Spas you will find cedar hot tubs that are a favorite among people vacationing at beach resorts, as well as Europeans where it is commonly cold and a hot tub allows the residents of the hotel to relax and enjoy the hot tub clean water with water jets. Contact us today and pick a tub or Spa to your liking!

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