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SunBrite Outdoor TVs

SunBrite Outdoor TVs

TV Entertainment Designed for Outdoor Enjoyment!

Designed for permanent outdoor residential and commercial installation, SunBrite Outdoor TV allows you to enjoy TV and video entertainment in the comfort of your own backyard and at other outdoor venues, regardless of the weather!

All-Weather design protects SunBrite Outdoor LCD TV from: Rain, Dirt, Insects, Scratches, Extreme Temperature Ranges

Designed for Permanent Residential and Commercial Outdoor Installation.

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SunBrite Has a TV

To Fit Your Space

Veranda Series

For full-shade outdoor apaces (patios, porches and sunrooms). Incredibly bright 4K UHD HDR with a durable all-weather design.

Signature Series

For partial-sun outdoor spaces or areas with high ambient light (pergolas or partially covered decks). Commercial-grade 4K UHD with anti-glare screens. Up to 3X brighter than many indoor TVs.

Pro Series

For full-sun outdoor spaces and active areas (poolside, outdoor seating areas). Commercial-grade, anti-glare, heat-resistant screens with protective tempered glass shields. Up to 4X brighter than many indoor TVs.

Waterproof TV for Hot Tubs

A television display technology that utilizes a liquid crystal display is called LCD TV. TVs of this kind use much less power in comparison with plasma displays, because they operate on the principle of blocking light rather than releasing it. LCD panels consist of two polarized sheets of a glass-like material, which are “glued” together. One of the sheets is covered with a special polymer that sustains the individual liquid crystals. Electric current passes through individual crystals, allowing them to pass or block light and create images in this way.

LCD televisions are usually very thin; they can easily hang on a wall or stand on top of a table, desk, dresser, or cabinet.

At SunBrite TV the waterproof LCD TVs are created to add that extra touch of luxury to your hot tub and designed to merge with the decor of your bathroom. Waterproof LCD panels are complete and always ready to fit; they are easy to install, enhancing style and beauty of your home decor.

Open your eyes to television anywhere with our waterproof TV. Check our list of flat screen waterproof LCD TVs at Sunbrite TV that are suitable for use in hot tubs, bathrooms, kitchens and all wet areas. Its heated screen technology still gives you one of the clearest pictures even in the steamy bathroom. Our sleek, up-to-date and innovative LCD TV units are designed to meet the highest standards and latest regulations in waterproofing and safety, making these waterproof LCD televisions a great addition to your hot tub or Spa.

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