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Let Our Customers Speak For Us!

Purchased a Bullfrog A8 from Alan at Mission Valley Spas. Best investment of my life. The technology of the spa is incredible. The MV Spa team was amazing from sales to start up. Give them a chance if you are in the market for the best! David Lewis

David Lewis

I would highly recommend this store to anyone looking to purchase a hot tub, service one, or purchase pool/spa chemicals. The service is great and the prices are very reasonable; even lower than what I found online. I dealt with Just Henry when I bought my Hot Tub and I've since referred friends and family members who also had great experiences with him. The owner Alan is very personable and he goes out of his way to make sure that his clients are satisfied.

Frank J

I bought my first spa here over 18 years ago. We're in the market for a new spa and decided to look here again. I learned that Allen still owed the place too. Really friendly guy. The staff that works here is really friendly too and knows what they are talking about. What I really enjoy is that extra step they do. Allowing you to do a wet test of the spa you are considering, making sure it is what you want to buy. You wouldn't but a car without test driving it, so why not test soak in the spa you want too?

Matt Ricketts

I just purchased a Jacuzzi hot tub from these guys and they are legit in every way. When you purchase something the price of a used car, you do your research if you are smart. I did. My findings just kept bringing me back to these guys. I found the model and style I wanted and shopped around, then visited Mission Valley. Famous Bill and I had a nice chat, kind of like buying a Mercedes--no need to discuss value, longevity, quality. (there are things to be careful about when buying a spa, like does the spa feel comfortable when you are in it with water? Spas are like new shoes. You must try it on and do a water test.) It was all about the price with me and Famous Bill. I told him that I had been quoted a very low number, and he went lower. He went lower and wrote it down on the brochure. He made a promise not to add any hidden costs additional charges. A while passed as I got my finances in order, came in the following year. He looked at the number he wrote on my brochure and panic struck him, "I can't sell the that model for that amount!!!" Back and forth, he wanted the sale but feared the boss's reaction. Good News! He honored the original amount, and never did add any hidden costs for anything. This place is for real. They want you as a customer for life. There prices were significantly lower than other places. They will build your spa just as you want it. They will explain every detail of the whole process. I'm super happy with the delivery, installation, quality, everything. Mission Valley is the only place in OC to buy a new spa.

Dave L

We found Mission Valley Spas at one of our local Costco stores. My wife and I were immediately intrigued by the aesthetics and beauty of these units. We were greeted by Deren who was very courteous and professional while at Costco. Deren was thorough in explaining how their Bullfrog spas were superior and stood out from the competition. After months of researching "jacuzzis" and other spas, we were convinced and so happy to have found Mission Valley. Deren scheduled the wet test at their showroom in Lake Forest. I was amazed by the quality and technology!! Those interchangeable JetPacks are AWESOME. You can customize your Bullfrog in so many ways. We also met Alan who was wonderful and informative, and we made the deal!! Deren walked us through the process. Alan later came to our home to make sure that the spa would fit upon delivery, and recommended their electrician Rick. Rick was a pleasure, and made the necessary connections prior to install. Within a few weeks, we had our Bullfrog!! Taylor had scheduled the delivery date, and showed up on time as promised. Taylor also offered a maintenance plan moving forward. What a great team!! AWESOME Experience... we LOVE our BULLFROG!!!! Thanks Alan, Deren, Rick, Taylor and Mission Valley Spas.

Eddie F

My experience at Mission Spa was fantastic. Working with Iris and having her follow up with me was great . Rachel was a God send because she understood my urgency to have the spa delivered by a certain date and she went out of her way to make it happen . Rachel you are awesome and they are very lucky to have you . Taylor was awesome too he delivers my spa and set it up in just the right place , he even made it look easy but I know it was hard work. RICK the Electician was good too he got my spa connected and working within 30 min. I got to use my STILL spa today for the first time and I highly recommend this to whoever needs Theropy and relaxation after a tough day . Thank you all at Mission Spa for making my buying experience a good one .

Mary K

We highly recommend Mission Valley Spas. Just Henry continuously helped us out. We could call him anytime and he would answer our questions. These guys are great! Got a good price and great service!

Spring J

Just spoke to Tayler (service expert) who told me which underwater valve to turn 90 degrees over the phone to get power flow to upper right corner of my Jacuzzi brand spa. Awesome! Jacuzzi themselves kept telling me the lines were clogged or kinked and that because of my spa being vaulted, they could not service the spa. I was living with the low pressure until I called Tayler - he called me back and diagnosed and serviced my issue over the phone. Great service from Tayler! Thanks!

Andre N

I called Mission to get some help with my spa chemicals and Mike was so helpful. He talked to me for a long time and never pressured me to go with a specific thing or purchase anything. Later I went into the store and he spent even more time explaining different chemistries. He has so much experience and I really learned a lot. Thanks!

Barbara T

I just purchased my second spa from Mission Valley Spa. My first spa was a Jacuzzi purchased in 2005. I had an excellent experience with the sales and service people for over 13 years! When my spa needed to be replaced, I went straight to Mission Valley Spa. The owner Alan and his salesperson Christian were very knowledgeable and low pressure. They spent a lot of time discussing the right spa for my needs and the positioning of the spa in a vault. The service person Taylor did an excellent job of removing the old spa and installing my new Bullfrog Spa. It was delivered yesterday and I am already enjoying it so much! Thanks to everyone at Mission Valley Spa.

Mary Lee L

5 Stars for Mission Valley Spa. Allen and Mike both made my Hot Tub buying experience great. I almost purchased a Spa at another store but loved the STIl7 model which I saw online. Allen contacted me per email after I left my contact info online . My luck - I called him and had a very nice and informative talk to him about the spa without any sales pressure. Since I really loved the information received and especially the looks of the Spa I drove by his showroom and Mike explained me all the features. The friendly, knowledgeable way without any sales pressure of Allen really impressed me and I'm happy I didn't opt for any other brand but a premium Bullfrog Spa. I could not be happier with my Spa and it's modern looks. Thanks Allen and Mike

Felix W

We purchased our hot tub about a year ago and we were in our backyard today, enjoying it and finally wanted to leave a review. We love our bullfrog hot tub and hired David, their suggested contractor (Ventura Masonry) to help create a look we wanted by placing the tub into the ground to make it feel built in. We had to stretch the budget a little more than we wanted, but in the end it looked amazing. Coming from growing up with a pool and having a concrete hot tub, this is light years ahead! Thank you Henry for helping us choose the right spa.

Kitizzle T

Great spa buying, and installation experience. We recently had our Bullfrog spa installed by Taylor. He and his associate did a fantastic job and was very professional, helpful and informative. Iris and everyone else I dealt with in the retail location and on the phone were as helpful as it gets, offered great suggestions and information, all without any pressure to close the sale. A week or so after the custom spa was ordered and a mid July installation scheduled, I get a call that they can get it done well ahead of schedule during the 3rd week of June. Another highlight of the transaction. Our location required a crane to navigate between trees, walls, the house and an overhead wire. This was done quickly, skilfully, and was great fun to watch. Mission Valley gets a big two thumbs up and if your on the fence, get off and get over to Mission Valley Spa. They will exceed your expectations.

Kort P

Well have to say I research anything we buy for months before purchasing. After extensive research on brands, stores etc i found bullfrog spas and the local dealer MV spas. From the moment I sent inquiry I got a reply that was so professional, informative and pleasant I had to go meet with these people. We walked into many other spa places to sales people that hardly knew anything about the hundreds of spas they sold and just wanted to make the sale. SO different here. Iris was No pressure just informational and kind. Alan the owner came over to introduce himself and say hi, again no pressure. Even Rick the electrician, Taylor the delivery guy were all professional, on time and courteous! We even walked into a brand new place that opened and nobody even said hi for many minutes of walking around the showroom. No Thanks! We left with no info. So glad we found MV spas. You will love them!

Jodi M

I had the pleasure of buying a spa from these guys and had the best experience. I ordered the bill frog A8 largest spa. It was delivered right when they said it was. I had them refer me to a contractor Dave Ventura that they use on a regular basis that is very familiar with the spas and creating a perfect feeling of an in ground spa even though they are portable and that was the look I was going for. The contractor was very honest finished the job exactly when he said he would and we couldn't be more please with the whole job. He even put in a ungrounds trampoline for us that was done perfSee for yourself at the photos of what he did and I would recommend them both in a heartbeat. See photos attached.

Pat G

I had the best experience with Mission Valley Spas! Spent weeks researching Spas and dealers and visited several stores. I live in San Diego county and wanted a Bullfrog spa but my local San Marcos dealer was giving me the run-around. I decided to look at MVS in Orange County. I never even had to visit the store because when I called Danielle, she answered all of my questions --she had expert knowledge -- and she hooked me up with a great deal, and she even expedited my delivery so I could have my spa the day before Thanksgiving. Taylor was awesome with delivery and set-up. Excellent communication and follow through. Great job, Mission Valley Spas.

Shira Kates

Thank you for all your help, Alan ... we are loving our new spa We would highly recommend Bullfrog spas, easy to set up and easy to maintain!

Dasha S

This company provides the best work on every single level! Sales is educational not pushy, set up was clean and timely! We Love our bullfrog Jacuzzi it's the best I specially love that it's in the ground and build a vault around it very modern sleek and very quiet. The team at Mission Valley spas is amazing from start to finish! The owner is the best too! He's Been doing this for many years! We worked with Mike Kinney who is the contractor for the vault around the Jacuzzi his number is 949-310-0289 the best and i've known Mike for over 30 years! Got city and HOA approvals with no problems! We are so happy Thank you again!!!!!!!!

Jen D

I keep going back to Mission Valley Spas for all my hot tub needs. Mike is very helpful which was key to some of my issues lately. I thought I needed a whole new pump but Mike was able to fix it at a much lower cost. Their overall prices are very competitive as well.

Warwick H

My brand new R7 Bullfrog hot tub was delivered last week. It's been almost 20 years since I've had a hot tub in our backyard. And this Bullfrog Spa has got to be the best out there. I researched several different tubs. It didn't take me long to decide on the Bullfrog. I would say the biggest reason is the JetPaks. You get to choose from 17 different interchangeable JetPaks. I also learned that the Bullfrog construction materials, engineering, and methods are far superior to other tubs. Plus, Bullfrog is manufactured right here in US. Once I figured out Bullfrog was the tub I wanted, I contacted Alan at Mission Valley Spas. At first we emailed back and forth. Alan answered all my questions. He then invited me to a wet test. I would recommend never to buy any tub without a wet test. Once I got into the Bullfrog tub I was hooked. Alan didn't need to do anything else. However, he kept helping me by showing me which JetPaks were the most popular and showing me how to combine Jetpaks so, as a set, they complement each other by massaging a different part of the body. He continued to show me the different tub colors and exterior colors. He was never pushy or up-sell me to a more expensive spa. After the wet test I even had to ask him if he wanted to money for the down payment. Finally he gave me a name of an electrician I could use as well as the person that would be delivering the spa. Tayler from Moore Spas was the delivery service that Mission Valley Spas use to deliver the tubs. His communication and details in delivering the tub was fantastic. He told me early on there was a back log of spas to delivery. He gave me a date and time window it would be delivered. We texted a few days before delivery and he also let me know exactly when he was headed over. He slid the tub right into our backyard without a hitch. Tayler also answered my late night texts after the spa was hooked up. The service from Moore Spas was awesome. Alan recommend Rick Carrillo, electrician, to hook up the spa. The first time Rick came out was to check everything out. He noticed that the current wires to the spa were too short. He found and economical and safe way to get our spa hooked up. I was super happy with everything Rick did. He also answered some of my late night texts when I was starting everything up. Still not wanting to bug the electrician and delivery guy late into the night I still had more questions regarding the start-up and chemicals. Alan also answered texts from me after 10pm that night. A couple days later, I had more questions. Alan drove over to our house and walked me through all the settings of the spa and chemicals. The whole experience from Mission Valley Spas was fantastic. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a hot tub is to do your research and then give Mission Valley Spas a call. I cannot say how impressed I was with the whole experience from start to finish.

Jack M