Bullfrog Spas, Inground, & Outdoor Hot Tubs in Orange County


Let Jack M Speak For Us!

My brand new R7 Bullfrog hot tub was delivered last week. It's been almost 20 years since I've had a hot tub in our backyard. And this Bullfrog Spa has got to be the best out there. I researched several different tubs. It didn't take me long to decide on the Bullfrog. I would say the biggest reason is the JetPaks. You get to choose from 17 different interchangeable JetPaks. I also learned that the Bullfrog construction materials, engineering, and methods are far superior to other tubs. Plus, Bullfrog is manufactured right here in US. Once I figured out Bullfrog was the tub I wanted, I contacted Alan at Mission Valley Spas. At first we emailed back and forth. Alan answered all my questions. He then invited me to a wet test. I would recommend never to buy any tub without a wet test. Once I got into the Bullfrog tub I was hooked. Alan didn't need to do anything else. However, he kept helping me by showing me which JetPaks were the most popular and showing me how to combine Jetpaks so, as a set, they complement each other by massaging a different part of the body. He continued to show me the different tub colors and exterior colors. He was never pushy or up-sell me to a more expensive spa. After the wet test I even had to ask him if he wanted to money for the down payment. Finally he gave me a name of an electrician I could use as well as the person that would be delivering the spa. Tayler from Moore Spas was the delivery service that Mission Valley Spas use to deliver the tubs. His communication and details in delivering the tub was fantastic. He told me early on there was a back log of spas to delivery. He gave me a date and time window it would be delivered. We texted a few days before delivery and he also let me know exactly when he was headed over. He slid the tub right into our backyard without a hitch. Tayler also answered my late night texts after the spa was hooked up. The service from Moore Spas was awesome. Alan recommend Rick Carrillo, electrician, to hook up the spa. The first time Rick came out was to check everything out. He noticed that the current wires to the spa were too short. He found and economical and safe way to get our spa hooked up. I was super happy with everything Rick did. He also answered some of my late night texts when I was starting everything up. Still not wanting to bug the electrician and delivery guy late into the night I still had more questions regarding the start-up and chemicals. Alan also answered texts from me after 10pm that night. A couple days later, I had more questions. Alan drove over to our house and walked me through all the settings of the spa and chemicals. The whole experience from Mission Valley Spas was fantastic. I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a hot tub is to do your research and then give Mission Valley Spas a call. I cannot say how impressed I was with the whole experience from start to finish.

Jack M